Skyline Math Team

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Skyline Math Team hosts a variety of contests and competitions throughout the school year. Listed below are a few of what Skyline offers.

§ FS - Fall Startup

100 problems, 30 minutes. Problems grouped by topic. Individual contest.

§ TS - Team Scramble

100 problems, 30 minutes. Problems grouped by topic. As many people as possible within the same school are allowed to work together on this contest.

§ CTT - Ciphering Time Trials

10 problem sets, with each set consisting 3 problems to be done in 2 minutes. Individual contest.

§ HiMCM - High Scool Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Either Problem A or Problem B, 36 hours. Teams of 4.

§ M - Mandelbrot

7 problems, 45 minutes. Problems increase in difficulty and point value. 5 rounds throughout the year. Individual contest.

§ MTP - Mandelbrot Team Play

Proof-based contest. Teams of 4

§ CPSC - Collaborative Problem Solving Contest

13-15 problems, 1 week. Problems are multi-part. As many people as possible within the same school are allowed to work together on this contest.

§ 4 x 4

§ SMC - Utah State Math Contest

30-40 problems, depending on location and year, 2.5 hours. Problems are mulitple-choice. Scoring system varies from year to year. Individual competition.

§ AMC 10/12 - American Mathematics Competition

25 problems, 75 minutes. Increases in difficulty. Multiple choice. Correct answers worth 6 points, blank answers worth 1.5 points, incorrect answers worth 0 points. Maximum score of 150. Offered in two seatings (A and B) with higher score taking dominance. This is an individual contest that is available in two versions: one for persons grade 10 and below; and one for persons grade 12 and below.

§ AIME - American Invitational Mathematics Competition

Invitational contest that requires a score of at least 100 (+/- a few) on the AMC 12, or at least 120 (+/- a few depending on the curve of the year) on the AMC 1. 15 problems, 3 hours. Individual contest.

§ HMMT - Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament

Consists 5 rounds - 3 individual rounds (Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics) and 2 team rounds.

Individual rounds are 10 questions, 50 minutes each.

Team round is ten proof-based questions, with 1 hour time constraint.

Guts round is 36 questions with 80 minutes, as a team. Specific sets of four questions must be done in order.